Friday, November 28, 2008

Paris: Acid Reflex (2008)

Paris returns to the now-seemingly apolitical world of hip-hop to once again inject his patented form of sonic vitriol into the musical landscape with his latest release, Acid Reflex. With commentary on a wide range of topics including black-on-black crime and violence, the ongoing problem of police brutality, illegal and immoral wars, the crooked arena of politics and the need for more of an equal balance between positive and negative influences in entertainment, Acid Reflex is the latest installment of cutting-edge funk-and-rock-inspired hip-hop.

Track Listing:

01 Dont Stop The Movement
02 So What
03 Blap That Ass Up
04 The Trap
05 Get Fired Up
06 Neighborhood Watch
07 Acid Reflex
08 True
09 The Violence Of The Lambs
10 Winter In America
11 The Hustle
12 Rebels Without Applause
13 One Gun
14 Harambe
15 Don’t Stop The Movement (Warrior Dance Mix)

Artist: Paris
Release: Acid Reflex
Year: 2008
Genre: Political Hip Hop
Quality: 224k mp3
Website Link : Guerrilla Funk
Download here: Rapidshare

Don't Stop The Movement Video

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nico Vega - No Child Left Behind Ep (2008)

One of my personal favorites with singer Aja Volkman's incredible bluesy, gravelly sexy vocals a kin to that of Janis Joplin. Aja maintains an incredible stage presence along with Rich on guitar and Dan on drums the driving force of the band creating their incredible original sound.

1. Gravity
2. Be Giving
3. Wooden Dolls
4. This Too Shall Pass
5. Medicine Man

Artist/Band: Nico Vega
Release: No Child Left Behind Ep
Year: 2008
Genre: Rock
Quality: 192k mp3
Myspace Link : MySpace
Download here: Mediafire