Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lullabies From The Axis Of Evil (2004)

"In his 2002 `Axis of Evil' speech, George W. Bush Singled out Iran, Iraq and North Korea, along with their allies, as the enemies of democracy. Enlisting world support for his war on terrorism, Bush pointed a finger and drew the line between us and them. But Bush forgot one thing. These
enemy states are filled with mothers and children. Our so-called enemies' possess a remarkable capacity for love and warmth in a tradition of lullabies that spans generations of sense and memory. Singers from around the world are brought together singing in English including well known artists like Nina Hagen and Rickie Lee Jones with the traditional lullabies sung by a host of singers from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Cuba and North Korea.

Download Lullabies From The Axis Of Evil

1. Sad sol – YOU'RE MY DESTINY Mahsa Vahdat, Iran / Sarah Jane Morris, England
2. Dilelol – SLEEP, MY CHILD Amel Kthyer and Halla Bassam, Iraq / Eva Dahlgren, Sweden
3. Lalolalo - DON'T YOU WORRY, MY CHILD Kulsoom Syed Ghulam, Afghanistan / Lila Downs, Mexico/USA
4. Ya Lel Ma Atwalak– THIS NEVER ENDING NIGHT Rim Banna, Palestine / Kari Bremnes, Norway
5. Luna, Luna- LUNA, LUNA LITTLE DOLL Mayada Killisly Baghdadi, Syria / Mimi, USA
6. Peace song Halla Bassam, Iraq / Sevara Nazarkhan, Uzbekistan
7. Aruru– LULLABY, SWEET BABY Martha Lorenzo, Cuba / Nina Hagen, Germany
8. Stars are rising Sun Ju Lee, North Korea / Eddi Reader, Scotland
9. Nami - ANGEL Viva Killisly Chachati, Syria / Katia Cardenal, Nicaragua
10. Lalalala Gohle Laleh Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat, Iran
11. Garidbe - WATCHING OVER ME Halla Bassam, Iraq / Rickie Lee Jones, USA
12. Nami ya la’ aubi – SLEEP, MY DOLL Rim Banna, Palestine / Annisette, Denmark
13. Gohlelale - MY TULIP, MY PEARL Pari Zanganeh, IranThe Washington National Cathedral Girls Choristers, USA Elana Fremerman, USA
14. Nami - LAMENT Jawaher Shofani, Palestine
15. Mazar – SOME DAY, MY BOY Fanzya and Razya Khan Ali, Afghanistan / Elana Fremerman, USA

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Fixtures: One Crisis Short Of Chaos

The third and final release from the Encino California trio with Jan D. on guitar, vocals & trumpet Heidi K. on Bass and Kevin H. on Drums and lead vocals extremely political and witty lyrics match the hard hitting driving punk/metal sound.

Download One Crisis Short Of Chaos

1. Future Criminals of Americas
2. What's up Doctor
3. Mosh pit moron
4. f\Frankenstein has risen from the grave, I think
5. No Sale
6. The Redemption Game
7. Power
8. Red and clear
9. Where Dreams go to Die
10. Pornhogwraithe
11. International Know
12. Warning
13. Hard head full of hate
14. Monkeywrench
15. Quit your Job
16. Screw the World
17. If

Friday, April 18, 2008

Smithsonian Folkways: Protest Songs!

A compilation sampler from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings Take A historical listen to the protest music, spoken word from the Vietnam antiwar movement.

Download Protest Songs!

01. Freedom Now Chant
02. Woody Guthrie - Jesus Christ
03. Lead Belly - The Bourgeois Blues
04. Billy Bragg - Joe Hill
05. Sonia Sanchez - Liberation Poem
06. Blind Girl Grunt - Baby I've Been Thinking
07. Sammy Walker, Phil Ochs - Bound For Glory
08. Blind Boy Grunt - John Brown
09. Pete Seeger - A Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall
10. New World Singers - Blowin' In The Wind
11. Phil Ochs - We Seek No Wider War
12. Martin Luther King Speaks
13. Mike Millius - The Ballad Of Martin Luther King
14. Utah Phillips - The Preacher And The Slave
15. Rev. Ralph Abernathy Speaks
16. Rev. F.D. Kirkpatrick, Jim Collier - Burn, Baby Burn
17. Medgar Evers Speaks
18. Happy Traum and Blind Boy Grunt - Let Me Die In My Footsteps
19. C.O.R.E. Freedom Singers - Get Your Rights, Jack
20. Black Panther Party Platform
21. Pete Seeger - Guantanamera
22. Enoch Brown - Complaint Call

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ministry: The Last Sucker (2007)

Ministry did such a great job with pappy Bush on NWO (Psalm 69) they've outdone themselves with Bush Jr. In their final release including samples of Bush Jr. in "Death and Destruction" even Dick Cheney isn't safe in "The Dick Song" they also tackle the issue of artist suppression to speak out in "Watch Yourself" Amy Goodman is sampled in "No Glory" and the Doors cover is torn apart. From the Kick ass opening "Let's Go" to "End of Days" Mastering the Industrial Metal sound like never before also followed by a world tour in progress as of this posting see em before there gone forever.

Download The Last Sucker:

1. Let's go
2. Watch yourself
3. Life is good
4. The dick song
5. The last sucker
6. No glory
7. Death & destruction
8. Roadhouse blues
9. Die in a clash
10. End of days Pt.1
11. End of days Pt.2

Friday, April 4, 2008

Polarity1/ Danny Schechter: MEDIA WARS

A culture jamming soundtrack for the book "Media Wars" by Danny Schechter aka The News Dissector combining the music of Polarity1 with clips of media during the current war occupation of Iraq. Funny, witty, cynical, critical look at the media and great for radio programs was used on Democracy Now! also check out Media

Download Media Wars:

1. Media Wars
2. Seventy Virgins
3. News Goo
4. A Family Situation
5. Danny Schecter Dissects
6. An Exchange With Polarity1
7. Media Wars (short version)
8. News Goo (short version)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Anti-Flag: Die For The Government , The Bright Lights Of America

The bands debut 1996 album that features a number classic Anti-Flag tracks released on the old school DIY Label New Red Archives A popular release with Pirate Radio stations and Indypendant Media movement far and wide through the late 90's until present day.
Anti-Flag has kept true to their anti-establishment values while becoming more and more popular. Today April 1st they released their latest "The Bright Lights Of America" 12 years later they still make me SHAKE MY FIST IN DEFIANCE!

Download Die For The Govt. Here:

  1. You'd Do the Same
  2. You've Got to Die for the Government
  3. Drink Drank Punk
  4. Rotten Future
  5. Safe Tonight
  6. Red, White, and Brainwashed
  7. Davey Destroyed the Punk Scene
  8. Summer Squatter Go Home
  9. She's My Little Go-Go Dancer
  10. Police State in the U.S.A.
  11. Punk by the Book
  12. Fuck Police Brutality
  13. I'm Being Watched by the CIA
  14. Kill the Rich
  15. No More Dead
  16. Confused Youth
  17. Your Daddy Was a Rich Man, Your Daddy's Fucking Dead

Bright Lights Of America 2008


01. Good And Ready
02. The Bright Lights Of America
03. Vices
04. The Modern Rome Burning
05. If You Wanna Steal (You Better Learn How To Lie)
06. No Warning
07. Spit In The Face
08. We Are The Lost
09. Go West
10. The Smartest Bomb
11. Shadow Of The Dead
12. The Ink And The Quill (Be Afraid)
13. Bonus Track
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