Thursday, May 22, 2008

Asian Dub Foundation: Punkara (2008)

The sixth studio album by the collective Asian Dub Foundation. First album released with new singer Al Rumjen formely of King Prawn. Advanced release in Japan on 3/2008 and subsequently leaked worldwide. The opener "Superpower" I can only imagine is about the fall of the USA (lyric) "Watch you gonna do when the well runs dry" as the shit slowly hits the fan and "Burning Fence" don't let up their. The deep political and social lyrics with their distinctive sound is a combination of hard ragga-jungle rhythms, indo-dub basslines, searing sitar- inspired guitars and 'traditional' sounds.
Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Listen to tracks here at this cool Japanese site

Download Punkara:
password: indahouse

1. Superpower
2. Burning Fence
3. No Fun
4. Speed of Light
5. Ease Up Caesar
6. S.O.C.A.
7. Target Practice
8. Living Under the Radar (ghostplane)
9. Altered Statesmen
10. Bride of Punkara
11. Stop the Bleeding
12. Awake/Asleep

Burning Fence Video:

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Kartel BLOGS said...


I'm writing on behalf of Asian Dub Foundation in the UK.

Please take down the link and posting you have for the ADF album which is not released until October 6th.

Usually the blogging is well appreciated but in this case the album is still to be released in Europe - another 2 months until release and there are a lot of people working really hard to help the band and sell the album.

I hope you understand the situation - your popular blog is in top 10 when searching for this album and is definitely having a negative effect on our promotion. Your support of the band and their music is important but not in this method.

I would appreciate an immediate pull of the post.

Many thanks