Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baghdad Heavy Metal (Various Artists)

Baghdad Heavy Metal are as unlikley a band as the war in Iraq is making sense. Two totaly diffrent musical cultures thrown together grinding their identities against each other to seemingly dominate and subjugate. But in their mutual attack they come together into a cohesive whole that is bolth powerful and completely unique.
It's a marrage made in hell - but by Allah it works. The guiding hand behind the production is Steven Last, with Steve Hunter and respected Arab artists even American icon rocker
Sammy Hagar creating a blend that is stunning as it is surprising.

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Baghdad Heavy Metal: Steve Hunter (guitars); Steven Last (keyboards, percussion, programming); Samo, Issam Houshan (percussion).
Additional personnel: Rayess Bek (vocals, programming); Tania Saleh, Sammy Hagar, Woroud, Yuri Mrakadi (vocals); Petite Jamilla (bagpipe).

1. The Battle For Baghdad
2. Hot Zone - (with Yuri Mrakadi)
3. Baghdad Burning - (with Rayess Bek)
4. Goodbye Alan - (with Yuri Mrakadi)
5. Blue Sky Goodbye - (with Woroud)
6. Had There Been a Dream - (with Tania Saleh)
7. The Streets of Jihad
8. A Million Tears
9. Cosmic Universal Fashion - (with Sammy Hagar)
10. Master of Illusion - (with Woroud)

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