Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Aztlan Underground: Sub-Verses (1998)

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1- Permiso
2- They Move in Silence
3- No Soy Animal
4- Killing Season
5- Blood On Your Hands
6- Reality Check
7- Lemon Pledge
8- Revolution
9- Preachers Of The Blind State
10- Lyrical Drive-By
11- Nahui Ollin
12- How To Catch A Bullet
13- Ik Otik
14- Obsolete Man
15- Decolonize
16- War Flowers

Aztlan Underground is a fusion band from Los Angeles. Since early 1989, Aztlan Underground has played Rapcore. Indigenous drums, flutes, and rattles are commonplace in its musical compositions.

This unique sound is the backdrop for the band's message of dignity for indigenous people, all of humanity, and Earth. Aztlan Underground has been cultivating a grass roots audience across the country, which has become a large and loyal underground following. Their music includes spoken word pieces and elements of punk, hip hop, rock, funk, jazz, and indigenous music, among others.

"DJ Bean" (turntables, samples and percussion), Yaotl (vocals, indigenous percussion), Joe "Peps" (bass, rattles), Alonzo Beas (guitars, synth), Caxo (drums, indigenous percussion), and Bulldog (vocals, flute).

Rare has it been that a Latino rap group has been able to take the underground by storm without selling its soul. Independent Los Angeles artists Aztlan Underground see themselves as Indigenous campesinos (farm workers) planting seeds of rebellion for almost a decade. Their third release "Sub Verses" concocts the rage and wisdom of Chuck D with the passion of Rage Against the Machine.Like humble warriors they have moved in silence, steering clear of the paparazzi, while offering "War Flowers" in the struggle for decolonization.

Concha shells, phat bass lines, native drums, Peruvian flutes and screaming guitar riffs create a sound that both liberate and inspire the soul. Their music creates a native ceremony; a healing process where indeed la cultura cura. '(Culture cures) Amidst the healing, a dual awakening is also taking place at 'no holds barrred.' Their assault is a "lyrical drive-by" on cultural imperialism, Americanization and false prophets.

Aztlan Underground is a wake up call against the strategic mind control by TV screens and the silver screen that have most of us cloned like fiends. If music is supposed to inspire, not only do they spit fire, but they elevate our mind-state to a platform much higher.

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