Friday, March 28, 2008

Raw Knowledge: Nemesis To Silence (2001)

Spoken word mostly pro-black and pro-female, accented by sporadic background music and samples ranging from Malcolm X speeches, Public Enemy, Nina Simone, Richard Pryor and N.W.A. among others. The uncensored, no holdsbarred approach to this project features a variety of women speaking original pieces in a rally against global marketing, prisons world economy, sexism, sweat shops and police brutality.
This project works well because it keeps the listener in tune by changed tempos and emotion. 23 tracks have music/sound accompaniment by such experimental heavyweights as Phantom Patient, dj 381–813, Maniac cop, Drowning Dog, dj slo-mo, david james, Bitter Pie and Healamonster & Tarsier.

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1. Intro
2. Cost Of Girlhood
3. Lifespans (feat Phantom Plannet)
4. State Of War
5. Revolution (feat Culminating Point)
6. Hypocrosy
7. My Own Hypocrosy
8. Ing Of Being (feat So-Mo)
9. Hitler Smiling With Glee
10. Resolved
11. Black Girl (feat Manic Cop)
12. Consumerism
13. Jessie Jackson (feat Bitter Pie)
14. Big Man
15. Mom and Dad
16. 4 More Years
17. Someone (feat David James)
18. What They Want Me To Be
19. Abort The Process
20. Volcano
21. Woman 2000 (feat Healamonster & Tarsier)
22. Body Of Christ (feat DJ-381-813)
23. In This Together (Mix)

Raw Knowledge is a spoken word artist and member of Entartete Kunst, a class-conscious worker-owned collective that produces and distributes no-field electronica, radical literature and propaganda that promotes positive social change. Her album Nemesis to Silence has been called "a raw nerve of anger, passion and hopefulness. . ."

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