Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ministry: The Last Sucker (2007)

Ministry did such a great job with pappy Bush on NWO (Psalm 69) they've outdone themselves with Bush Jr. In their final release including samples of Bush Jr. in "Death and Destruction" even Dick Cheney isn't safe in "The Dick Song" they also tackle the issue of artist suppression to speak out in "Watch Yourself" Amy Goodman is sampled in "No Glory" and the Doors cover is torn apart. From the Kick ass opening "Let's Go" to "End of Days" Mastering the Industrial Metal sound like never before also followed by a world tour in progress as of this posting see em before there gone forever.

Download The Last Sucker:

1. Let's go
2. Watch yourself
3. Life is good
4. The dick song
5. The last sucker
6. No glory
7. Death & destruction
8. Roadhouse blues
9. Die in a clash
10. End of days Pt.1
11. End of days Pt.2


Anonymous said...

bom pra caralho!!!!!

marcos odin bernal mendoza said...

muchas gracias!!

Anonymous said...

gracias por el aporte!!