Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lullabies From The Axis Of Evil (2004)

"In his 2002 `Axis of Evil' speech, George W. Bush Singled out Iran, Iraq and North Korea, along with their allies, as the enemies of democracy. Enlisting world support for his war on terrorism, Bush pointed a finger and drew the line between us and them. But Bush forgot one thing. These
enemy states are filled with mothers and children. Our so-called enemies' possess a remarkable capacity for love and warmth in a tradition of lullabies that spans generations of sense and memory. Singers from around the world are brought together singing in English including well known artists like Nina Hagen and Rickie Lee Jones with the traditional lullabies sung by a host of singers from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Cuba and North Korea.

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1. Sad sol – YOU'RE MY DESTINY Mahsa Vahdat, Iran / Sarah Jane Morris, England
2. Dilelol – SLEEP, MY CHILD Amel Kthyer and Halla Bassam, Iraq / Eva Dahlgren, Sweden
3. Lalolalo - DON'T YOU WORRY, MY CHILD Kulsoom Syed Ghulam, Afghanistan / Lila Downs, Mexico/USA
4. Ya Lel Ma Atwalak– THIS NEVER ENDING NIGHT Rim Banna, Palestine / Kari Bremnes, Norway
5. Luna, Luna- LUNA, LUNA LITTLE DOLL Mayada Killisly Baghdadi, Syria / Mimi, USA
6. Peace song Halla Bassam, Iraq / Sevara Nazarkhan, Uzbekistan
7. Aruru– LULLABY, SWEET BABY Martha Lorenzo, Cuba / Nina Hagen, Germany
8. Stars are rising Sun Ju Lee, North Korea / Eddi Reader, Scotland
9. Nami - ANGEL Viva Killisly Chachati, Syria / Katia Cardenal, Nicaragua
10. Lalalala Gohle Laleh Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat, Iran
11. Garidbe - WATCHING OVER ME Halla Bassam, Iraq / Rickie Lee Jones, USA
12. Nami ya la’ aubi – SLEEP, MY DOLL Rim Banna, Palestine / Annisette, Denmark
13. Gohlelale - MY TULIP, MY PEARL Pari Zanganeh, IranThe Washington National Cathedral Girls Choristers, USA Elana Fremerman, USA
14. Nami - LAMENT Jawaher Shofani, Palestine
15. Mazar – SOME DAY, MY BOY Fanzya and Razya Khan Ali, Afghanistan / Elana Fremerman, USA

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