Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Fixtures: One Crisis Short Of Chaos

The third and final release from the Encino California trio with Jan D. on guitar, vocals & trumpet Heidi K. on Bass and Kevin H. on Drums and lead vocals extremely political and witty lyrics match the hard hitting driving punk/metal sound.

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1. Future Criminals of Americas
2. What's up Doctor
3. Mosh pit moron
4. f\Frankenstein has risen from the grave, I think
5. No Sale
6. The Redemption Game
7. Power
8. Red and clear
9. Where Dreams go to Die
10. Pornhogwraithe
11. International Know
12. Warning
13. Hard head full of hate
14. Monkeywrench
15. Quit your Job
16. Screw the World
17. If

1 comment:

Karl Bakla said...

The Fixtures were a great band, wish they were still around